Week 10: Staying on Message

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This week was rough.

Despite being national champions last year, the Villanova Wildcats men’s basketball team is off to a slow start. Wednesday was the championship rematch with Michigan, hosted by the Cats in the new Finneran Pavillion. Despite the hype and maximum attendance, the Cats got smacked for a near thirty point loss.

We hoped for a rebound against Furman last night, but were disappointed by an overtime loss. And for a basketball school, it hurts even more.

Needless to say, I’m a disgrunteled fan.

I ended up watching the postgame interview with Jay Wright to see what he would say. Now one of the best things about Jay is how much he defends his players. Jay goes to bat for all of his guys, something I really admire in a leader and a coach. When asked what Villanova would do to rebound from these losses, he mentioned how they would “learn from their mistakes and continue to grind and improve.” Basically, Nova basketball wasn’t going to overreact.

A recent Netflix article reminded me of Jay and the importance of staying focused and on message. Jay preaches unity and hard work, something that has been a staple for Villanova’s two national championships in the past three years (Go Cats!!).

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The deal is close to $50 million

The article, posted by Deadline, discussed a recent deal between Netflix and film production group Paramount, a subset of Viacom. The deal, which is valued at around $50 million, is part of Netflix’s attempt to make its own content. Netflix has worked with Paramount in the past to liscence some of their content, including movies and TV shows. This move stays on message with Netflix’s expansion attempt and move towards becoming a self sufficient platform rather than liscencing other producers’ works.

The move adds to the growing bill for Netflix’s expansion efforts. The expansion is planned to cost close to $8 billion, and despite Netflix’s lack of positive cash flow, they continue to make decisions towards that  value. Earlier this year, Netflix played with the idea of adding advertisements to their service to finance their new content revolution, but found that users were strongly opposed to the idea.

With all this buzz about new content, Motley Fool did an investigation into just how good Netflix’s original material is. Their findings pointed to the fact that Netflix has both winners and losers but can afford the losers because of its desire to reach a wide array of audience members. Their efforts have ropped in 137 million subscribers worldwide, so they must be doing something right.

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Netflix is famous for its original content

I’m not sure if I agree with the expansion effort, but I understand its necessity given the increasing saturation of the market. I think Netflix should take a bit more time in determining what they produce because users might get discrouaged if they are constantly disappointed by original content.

If nothing else, this news shows that Netflix is sticking to its plan. And if Reed Hastings is anything like Jay Wright, I’m confident they’ll achieve their goal if they trust themselves. So good luck Netflix. We’re rooting for you.

See you next week



Paramount And Netflix Set Multi-Picture Film Deal


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